Whose Stories Get Told: A conversation about representation in museums

October 19, 2023 @ 6:30 pm

Public historians Bob Forrant and Kevin Coffee, in conversation with lala’s Laura Lamarre Anderson, will discuss the role of museums in telling our history. Through the years, evolving philosophies have guided acquisition and display policies, often resulting in one-sided views and the silencing of many voices. These two historians are each working to diversify the stories told in public spaces for a more complete telling of our history.

All three worked on the new Lowell National Historic Park exhibit, One City, Many Cultures, and will discuss their own work in light of this public exhibit.

Host: Lala Books

Location: Lala Books, 189 Market St, 189 Market St, Lowell

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This event is being promoted as part of the 2023 Lowell City of Learning Festival, which is a project under the fiscal sponsorship of the Greater Lowell Community Foundation.