2021 Lowell City of Learning Festival

Cooking with Sitto Yvette Yvette Ansara was born in a village in Lebanon. When she married her husband Andrew, she immigrated to Lowell and brought with her the art of cooking amazing Lebanese food. All her life, she cooked for family, friends, and for her church. After an illness in 2015, her children decided to […]

2021 Lowell City of Learning Festival

High Hat Stage at Mill No. 5

Cambodian American Literary Arts Association The Stilt House Zine Reading and Open Mic Enjoy readings from the recently published The Stilt House Zine with the theme of Food and Identity followed by a fun writing exercise and an open mic. Hi-Hat Stage at Mill No. 5 Thanks to the help of the Lowell Book Company.

Lowell Celebrates Kerouac

Cumnock Hall, UMass Lowell North Campus

"Ghosts of the Pawtucketville Night" Tour

2021 City of Lowell Learning Festival

Lowell Walks: Indigenous Peoples' Day Lowell National Historical Park Join National Park Service Rangers for an Indigenous Peoples" Day walking tour. Learn about the history and heritage of Indigenous Peoples upon whose land the city and mills of Lowell were built on. This 90 minute tour will begin at 10 am at the Visitor Center. […]

2021 Lowell City of Learning Festival

Avery Makes Lasagna Seven year old Avery will show us how to make lasagna and then take questions from the audience in this 30 minute program. When she was 16 months old, Avery started helping Daddy cook and Mommy bake and liked doing both. During the pandemic, she missed her friends and started the cooking […]

2021 Lowell City of Learning Festival

UMass Lowell Innovation Hub, 201 Canal Street

Lowell Litter Krewe We CAN Have Nice Things Sharing our vision of inspiring community involvement through creation of volunteer opportunities with the intention of helping our neighbors to see that Lowell is as beautiful as we make it. Let's have a conversation about litter and complacency, how to teach our children about our local environment, […]